Teaching staff

Title Legal Surname Position Q Qualification
Dr. Stringer Headteacher Dphil/MA, BA Hons, PGCE
Mr Rickman Deputy Head (Academic) MBA Education Management
Mrs O’Doherty Deputy Head (Pastoral Care & Guidance) MA, BA Hons, QTS (Secondary ICT)
Mrs Petryszak Head of Junior School (Interim) BSC Hons, PGCE
Mrs Cantwell Director of Sixth Form, Head of Faculty Science BSc Applied Physics & Chemistry Jnt Hons, PGCE
Mrs Headley Director of Finance and Operations BA Hons, ACMA
Mrs Wilmot Director of Marketing and Admissions BA Hons, MCIM
Mrs Langhorn Assistant Head (Staff Development and Wellbeing) BSc Hons, PGCE
Mr Viesel Deputy Director of Sixth Form, Teacher of English
Miss Kneen Head of Years 10 and 11, Head of Careers, Teacher of Geography BSc Hons, PGCE
Ms Beezley Learning Enhancement Coordinator
Miss Fraser Head of Years 8 and 9, Teacher of PE BA Hons, QTS
Miss Chapman Head of Year 7, Teacher of Psychology BSc Hons, PGCE Social Science (QTS)
Miss Hurst Head of PSHEE, Teacher of PE BA Hons, QTS
Mrs Hackett GDST Consultant Teacher for Sport and PE BEd Hons
Mrs Hill School Consultant Teacher, NQT Mentor BA Joint Hons, PGCE
Faculty of English
Mr Williams Head of Faculty and Subject Leader English BA, PGCE
Mrs Halstead Teacher of English BA Hons, PGCE
Ms Heimfeld Teacher of English, Subject Leader Film MA Education (with Distinction), BA Joint Hons, PGCE with QTS
Mrs Hopley Teacher of English, Assemblies Co-ordinator BA Hons
Mr Viesel Teacher of English BA English Language & Literature, MA Comparative Literature, PGCE English
Faculty of Humanities
Mr Earp Head of Faculty and Subject Leader Geography BA Hons, PGCE
Miss Kneen Teacher of Geography BSc Hons, PGCE
Mrs Scanlan Teacher of Geography BA Hons, PGCE
Mr Donaldson Subject Leader History BA Hons, PGCE
Mrs Curtis Teacher of History BA Hons, PGCE
Mrs Williams Teacher of History MA, BA Hons, PGCE
Mrs Tansley Subject Leader Economics & Business Studies BA Hons, PGCE
Mrs Hymers Teacher of Economics & Business Studies BSc, PGCE
Mrs Langhorn Teacher of Economics BSc Hons, PGCE
Miss Robinson Subject Leader Theology & Philosophy BA Hons, PGCE
Mr Loveday-Hill Teacher of Theology & Philosophy MA, BA Hons, PGCE
Faculty of Creative Arts
Mrs Beacroft Head of Creative Arts Faculty and Subject Leader Art BA Hons, PGCE, Certificate in Further Professional Studies
Mr Laubscher Teacher of Art and Drama BA, BEd
Miss Knight Subject Leader Food BSc Hons, QTS
Mrs Care Director of Theatre MA, BA Hons, CertEd, PG
Mr Nathan Director of Music BA Hons, QTS
Mrs Arkell Teacher of Music MA BA Hons, PGCE
Miss Lycett Subject Leader for Textiles BA Hons, PGCE
Faculty of Languages
Mrs Hill Head of Faculty BA Joint Hons, PGCE
Mrs Diez Teacher of Spanish BA Hons, PGCE
Mrs Morgan Teacher of German & French BA Hons, PGCE
Miss Orvoen Subject Leader French BA Hons, PGCE
Mr Watson Subject Leader Spanish BA Hons,  PGCE
Mrs Holland Head of Classics MA, PGCE
Miss Balchin Teacher of Classics BA, MLITT, PGCE
Miss Mason Subject Leader Classics MLitt, BA Hons, PGCE
Faculty of Sports
Mrs Hackett Director of Sport BEd Hons
Mrs Williamson Deputy Director of Sport BEd Physical Education, MA Arts & Education
Mrs Ford Teacher of Physical Education Business Studies Diploma, Teaching Cert in Athletics
Miss Fraser Teacher of Physical Education BA Hons, QTS
Miss Hurst Teacher of Physical Education BA Hons, QTS
Mrs Jones Teacher of Dance TRAD Ballet Teaching Diploma
Mrs Littlewood Teacher of Physical Education Bed
Mrs Webb Teacher of Physical Education and Psychology BEd, QTS, MA
Mrs Windsor Ballet Teacher
Faculty of Mathematics
Mr Ball Head of Mathematics Faculty B.Eng Hons, PGCE Mathematics
Mrs Down Teacher of Mathematics BSc Hons, PGCE
Mrs Forsyth Teacher of Mathematics, 6C2 BA Engineering, Certificate in Management Studies, PGCE
Mrs Harrison Teacher of Mathematics, 6I1 B.A. Mathematics, PGCE Mathematics
Mrs Laubscher Teacher of Mathematics BSc, H Dip
Mr Martin Subject Leader Computing, eLearning Coordinator MA, PGCE
Faculty of Science
Mrs Hodgetts-Tate Head of Science Faculty and Subject Leader Chemistry BSc Hons, PGCE
Miss Parboteeah Teacher of Chemistry MA
Mr Attwood Subject Leader Biology BSc, PGCE
Mrs Carr Teacher of Biology BSc Hons
Mrs Pearson Teacher of Biology BSc, MSc
Mrs Li-Lakkappa Teacher of Biology and Chemistry MA, BSc, PGCE
Mrs Vizor Subject Leader Physics MA, BA Hons, PGCE
Mrs Battams Teacher of Physics BSc, M Phil, PGCE
Mrs Cantwell Teacher of Physics BSc, PGCE
Miss Chapman Subject Leader Psychology BSc, PGCE QTS
Mrs Purvey-Tyrer Deputy Head of Junior School, Head of Early Years BEd Hons
Mrs Dadge Curriculum Coordinator and Class Teacher Year 6 BA with QTS
Miss Brandon-Jones Class Teacher Year 1 BA Hons, QTS
Mrs Dadge Curriculum Co-ordinator and Class Teacher Year 6 BA with QTS
Mrs Duck Learning Support Teacher BA Hons, PGCE
Mrs Farrar Class Teacher Reception BEd Hons
Mrs Fordham Humanities Coordinator and Class Teacher Year 6 BA Hons
Miss K Hillery Nursery Manager (Welfare and Foundation) NVQ Level 3
Mrs E Shaw Class Teacher Reception BEd Hons
Mrs S Shaw Digital Leader and Class Teacher Year 5 BA Hons, PGCE
Miss Taylor Class Teacher Year 4 BSc Hons, PGCE
Mrs Waters Nursery Manager (Learning) and Forest School Leader BA Hons, NNEB


Support staff

Title Surname Job Title Qualifications
Mrs Cox Office Manager
Mrs Berry Assistant Registrar (Junior School) BSc Hons
Miss Buxton Librarian BA Hons, PG Dip Lib
Mrs Brown Head’s PA
Mrs Crowley Junior School Receptionist
Mrs Furniss Senior School Adminstrator
Mrs Knott Junior School Receptionist
Mrs Lander Cleaning Supervisor
Mrs Lyman Data Manager
Mrs McCue Catering and Hospitality Manager College Diploma in Catering Organisation and Practice
Mrs Nash Senior School Receptionist BA
Mr Nash Marketing and Communications Officer
Mrs Rimmer Examinations Officer BA Hons
Mr Rittler IT Manager
Mr Stubbs Facilities Manager
Miss Cheng Registrar BA Hons


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