We are pioneers in, and shapers of the future of, girls’ education – empowering girls to fulfil their dreams. Our mission is to liberate the potential of girls and enable  hem to thrive, for the benefit of us all.

What makes this true?

  • We are crusading for girls
  • We are responsible for the life chances of 20,000 girls
  • We are helping to create female leaders
  • We have an amazing alumnae network, with access to inspiring leaders
  • We have pioneering roots
  • We spearhead many innovative initiatives within the schools
  • We are passionate about girls-only education
  • We want to change the narrative around girls and women, and help change the world
  • We are confident and optimistic

The GDST is the UK’s largest group of independent girls’ schools, a national leader in girls’ education. GDST schools and academies share an ethos and a proud heritage of girls-only education and are members of a unique network. Our students outperform their peers in public exams, but we know there’s so much more to a truly broad and balanced education than just stellar exam results. At our schools, girls can compete and collaborate with their peers in other GDST schools, taking part in Trust-wide events, rallies, performances and activities. Choosing a GDST school offers the peace of mind that comes from knowing your daughter’s school is part of an organisation with an unparalleled track record of achievement and stability. A charitable organisation, based on enduring values and with over 140 years’ expertise in girls’ education, that always strives to put the needs and wellbeing of our girls first. We are forward thinking, we are always learning, we are fearless, we are a family and we are first for girls.



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